Lavastones & Pets

In-app purchases (IAPs) are available in Virtual Villagers Origins 2, but are not required to play the game.  In-app purchases are where you spend real money to purchase something in the game.  Parental permission is REQUIRED to make an in-app purchase, unless you are an adult.

What are Lavastones?  Do I have to buy them?  Can I get them for free?

Lavastones are a very prominent and versatile currency in the game.  You do not have to buy them with real money.  You can earn them by watching ads, and certain events in the game will give you additional ones.  Purchasing Lavastones will help you play the game faster, if you wish.

What can I buy with Lavastones?

ALL THE THINGS!  Just kidding, mostly!  You can buy almost anything with Lavastones, and all of them can help you with your game. Here's a small list that doesn't cover everything:

  • Totems - These help you with various skill increases.  You can read more about them in this article.
  • Necklaces - Necklaces are semi-permanent power ups that affect one villager.  We discuss this more here.
  • Potions - Yum!  These help your villagers gather resources, or cure them... or... more?  You should try your hand at Crafting to see if you can discover others!
  • Tech Points - Help your villagers advance in various ways.

Pets?  What are they?  What do they do?

Yes! Pets!  Aren't they so cute???  If you look at the Marketplace in the game and tap on the Villagers & Pets section, you'll see what they are!  Each pet also provides a description of what it does under the image.  Pets are purchased with real money.  NOTE:  Villagers can do the same "job" that the pet does, the pet simply does it automatically, without any input from you, the player, which makes it easier for you.  Pets can never die, and they will never go away, even if you reset your game.


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