Villagers are the little people who have made the lovely Isola their home, and it's up to you to make sure they stay healthy, advance their culture, and have lots of babies to live for many generations to come!

Why do I have to start the game with 2 adults (one of each gender)?

Only adult villagers can perform certain tasks in the game, and are needed in order to do any of the skills.  The game has you start with two fully grown adults (18+) so that you can have babies as soon as you start!  

How do I make a baby?

Questions about babies?  There's an app--- err... article for that! :D

How many villagers can I have in my village?

When you first start out, you can have 20 villagers in your village.  However, as you repair buildings and discover certain things, that number will increase.  There is a maximum number of villagers you can have in your village once you've done everything.  Can you find out what it is?

What are necklaces?  How can I get my villager to wear one?

Necklaces are semi-permanent power-ups that are purchased with Lavastones.  Once your villager is wearing one, it will stay until you spin the wheel for another one, or they pass away.  You cannot remove any necklace from a villager to put on another villager.  They can be replaced by spinning the wheel again.

Where is this necklace wheel?

Tap a villager, then tap their portrait in the lower right hand side.  On the Villager Details screen, look below the portrait to see a large gray necklace.  In the middle, it will say "Tap to add Lavastone".  A wheel will appear, and for 3 Lavastones, you'll be able to spin the wheel to get a Necklace center, which will be placed on that villager!  If you don't like the result, you can spin again, just remember that it will cost more Lavastones!

Can kids work? Can they do the same thing that adults do?

Yes and no, but sort of!  Here's a better explanation:  Kids aged 2-13 can do specific little-kid only jobs in the village.  Mainly, picking up mushrooms... but legend has it they are useful for a few other things! I wonder what that is?? 

Big kids aged 14-17 can immediately start practicing a skill. Some kids are born with a small amount of a specific skill.  You can choose to let big kids practice that skill or choose another! This, of course, does not include the breeding selection.

Oh no! My villager passed away!  What happened??

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end.  Villagers, just like in real life, get older and pass away at the end of their lives. Young and old villagers can also get sick, and will pass away if the illness isn't treated. Don't fret, their children will keep their legacy alive!

Initially, with no Medicine Technology, your villagers won't live very long, but as you purchase more levels of Medicine, your villagers will live longer and longer.  There are rumors that there could be a helpful totem for this as well.

Will my progress disappear when my villagers die?

Nope!  If just one or a few pass away, your other villagers will carry their skeletons to the Mausoleum where they will be entombed.  You will be able to see those villagers in the Mausoleum.  

If your entire village passes away from neglect or anything else, you can pay lavastones to restore the village, or you can pick 5 new villagers to start fresh!  Keep in mind that all of your progress (tech points, totems, lavastones, puzzles, repaired buildings, etc) will stay in the village for the new villagers to use.

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