Managing the family

Tips for managing your little family

Marriage Proposals

When you start either a new family, or a new generation, you can expect to get a marriage proposal within the first real-time 15 minutes since your peep entered the house.  Often it's much quicker than that.  If you reject that proposal, another one will come in about 45 minutes.  If that one is also rejected, you can expect to see a new proposal every 24 hours.

If you aren't receiving marriage proposals, and your game is not paused, please let us know by submitting a ticket.

My little people are freaking out because the sink is leaking, the shower or toilet is clogged, or there's a fire burning. They won't fix it or do anything else. What do I do?

One of your little people (age 14 and up) must fix the sink / shower / toilet / fire before everyone will calm down and do something else. See this article for spoilers on how to fix these common household problems.

Sometimes it will take an additional minute for other family members to realize that the problem has been fixed. If it bothers you, you can always pick them up and drop them after the repair is complete to "snap" them out of it. :)

My little person gets stuck when I praise him/her. They just stand there waving. What's wrong?

This happens when your little person doesn't like jumping. Just pick them up and put them back on task after praising them. You can also purchase the "Systematic Desensitization" in your little person's Upgrade Me! section to remove the dislike.

To access the "Upgrade Me!" section for each of your little people:
- Tap your little person to select them, then tap their portrait (picture) near the bottom-left of the game play area, opening their "Details" screen.
- Tap the purple "badge" labeled "Upgrade Me" at the upper-left corner on the Details screen. You will now see all the upgrades that are available for that little person. You may see checkmarks on services that you did not purchase. Don't worry, these checkmarks just mean your little person does not need these services at this time.
- Choose the upgrade you want, tap "OK' to dismiss the confirmation, then tap "Done" to return back to the game play area. Voila!

Why are my little people constantly looking for snacks, heating up food, etc?

Just like you and me, your little family gets hungry. Teach them how to prepare a meal and then sit them down to eat it. smile If they still insist on looking for snacks when meals are present, and it bothers you, scold them so that they will learn that you want them to eat meals instead.

How can I find out how much food my little people have in the refrigerator?

Tap the refrigerator, and the available amount of food will be shown above the Action/Status bar at the bottom of the screen. It's important to make sure that your little family always has enough food to eat, especially when left overnight, or if you're going to be away for a long time. Otherwise they may become weak and starve.

My little people never do what I want them to do! They won't work on their career. The kids are always being naughty and disrupting their parents.

How you shape your little people's behavior is completely up to you! Your family continues to do what they have learned from you, based on what you encourage (with the green glove) or discourage (with the red glove). If you want them to work on their career, place them in the career room and praise them with the green glove (or yummy candy/fruit) when they begin to work on their career. When a child is being naughty, discourage the behavior by using the red glove on them (or salty candy). Just remember to praise them for positive behaviors; otherwise they will become "a bit blue" and later "depressed."

Why are there checkmarks next to "Psychotherapy" and/or "Systematic Desensitization" in the Upgrade Me! section for my little person? I didn't buy them.

When these items are "checked" it means your little person does not need these services at this time. Think of it as purchase protection! Desensitization is useful for removing a dislike. Very handy when you have a peep who dislikes "running". Psychotherapy will help your family member only if they are depressed, in which case, there will be no checkmark, and you will be able to purchase the service if you want to use it.

How do I get to different generations?

When one of the adults has passed away, you will be given the opportunity to choose one of the children to pass the house to, to begin a new generation (level). You will be able to choose any child in the family (a child still living in the home or one who has gone away to college or boarding school). If you're not ready, you can wait until the second adult passes.

Upon the death of either spouse, you are presented with the "Next Generation" screen with complete instructions on choosing your next generation. You may choose to wait and begin your next generation after the remaining spouse has died, meaning your family will continue to live in the house with the surviving spouse and remaining children under the age of 19, or you may choose ONE child to pass the house to and begin your next generation immediately.

When you choose to begin the next generation all the children are randomized - their ages, desire for children, and jobs are completely random, just as when you chose your first adoptee. You select one of them to inherit the house, all of its furnishings, the family bank account, collectibles, and all of the progress you have made in the game.

Can kids work?

Children do not have careers. However, they can be very helpful around the house by washing dishes, taking out the trash, cleaning dirt smudges, wrappers, and socks up off the floor. Of course, they can also pick up collectibles while their parents are busy working.

How long do kids stay in the house? What happens when the kids leave home?

Children stay at home until the age of 19, unless you've sent them to boarding school or they went off to be famous. You won't see them again until you're ready to choose one of them to begin the next generation, although they do send their parents e-mails occasionally. The parents continue to live in the home.

Can I train my kids to choose the career I want them to have?

No. When you choose the next generation, the children's ages, careers and other information are completely randomized. Only their names, likes and dislikes, and appearance stay the same.


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