Reverse Day/Night

When should I use the Reverse Day/Night option in Settings?

Virtual Families 3 is best enjoyed when day and night in the game match what is happening in the real world. The little people are active during the day and get a good night’s sleep when it is night in the real world. However, many players find that they can only play the game when it is night in the real world and want to see their little families be active when it’s daytime for them.

To help with that situation, the game offers an option to reverse day and night, using the Reverse Day/Night option in Settings. This setting will make it daytime in the game when it’s night in the real world, and vice versa. So, when it’s noon in the real world, it’s midnight in the game.

This setting can make the game more enjoyable to play for people who typically play the game at night, but you need to keep in mind that your little family still needs a good night’s sleep. To help them get the rest that they need, make sure that you avoid playing the game when it’s nighttime in the little people’s world, or they will be exhausted and napping a lot.

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