Gameplay, Boosts & Memory Levels

What types of food do I get to cook?

The variety of virtual food you can cook is as rich and diverse as in the real world!  From a Backyard BBQ of burgers and steaks, to Japanese desserts, deep-fried British delicacies, fine Italian dining and much, much more!

We’re always creating new themes and recipes and adding them to the game on a regular basis, but if you have a favorite food you’d like to see in the game, we’d love to hear about it!

How many different types of levels are there?

There are three types of levels, each of which need to be completed before you either run out of time or customers:

  • Earn the number of coins shown
  • Get a certain number of “Likes” (serve the customer their full order before their patience drops below the halfway point)
  • Sell the specified number of dishes

How do I beat a level?

Customers will arrive to your cook off and request the different types of dishes you’re offering.  Each customer may have different tastes, and you’ll have to think fast to prepare all the combinations of dishes!

To prepare food, just tap on the raw ingredients and let them cook, then tap on the cooked food to transfer it to its serving plate – but be careful, because food can burn if it’s cooked for too long!  To get rid of burned food, just double-tap it and it’ll be thrown away.

Once on a serving plate, add any additional ingredients the customer wants and then tap it to serve it up!  Keep cooking and serving until all orders are complete and no more customers appear.

As in real life, customers can lose patience if you make them wait too long! Each will have a meter that, once it reaches zero, will mean they leave. For customers with multiple food items in their order, their patience meter will be restored partially for each food item you serve. They’ll even reward you with a “Like” if you serve them fast enough (before half their patience meter expires).

Some of the levels can get difficult, and I’ve upgraded everything!  How can I beat these levels?

If you’re playing a level and find that you’re running out of time, customers or more, we’ve got you covered!

You can use Chef Hats to buy Boosts in the store (in packs of three) – there’s one for every occasion:

  • More Customers
  • More Time
  • Price Doubler
  • Insta-Cook
  • Burn-Proofer

My customers are getting angry because their orders are taking a long time to cook!  What can I do?

You can use always give your customers an Ice Cream! This will instantly refill a customer’s anger level meter. 

Ice Cream can be collected periodically on the house upgrade screen, whenever the Ice Cream Truck arrives.

Select the Ice Cream in the upper left corner of your screen to use one. The Ice Cream cone will automatically be given to the customer with the lowest meter. You can also buy Popsicles in the store, which refill the anger level meters of all customers! 

I’ve beaten every level, but I really want to keep playing!

Memory Levels are available on your Family Planner so you can earn bonus Coins!

Once you've played through all three tiers of each level in a theme (and earned all the pins and recommendation letters), you'll notice picture frames appear - tap them to play Memory Levels to keep earning Coins and of course, having fun!


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