Flowers, Fertilizer, Irrigation and Fun!

You can plant flowers around your town to help increase Town Beauty. Common flower seeds can be found in the general store every day (one of each). You can also find some chemicals that will help your garden transform!

There’s a brown/dead plant that I can’t fertilize or remove! Help!

Some flowers that grow in your garden will appear to be dead or brown while they are growing. They cannot be moved while they are still growing. To brighten and revive these flowers, wait until they are fully grown, then water and fertilize them, using the correct fertilizer. Truly dead flowers will turn into weeds.

Irrigation system? Where is it?

You can find this by tapping the Gear icon in the upper right, then tapping the Coins section. The irrigation system is an in-app purchase (bought with real money, not with coins in the game) that, once purchased, will pop up and water your flowers three times a day. It will only work in the Botanical Garden and any occupied house plots, though, so plan your gardens carefully! It will disappear after each watering, but don't be alarmed, it will show up again. All of your flowers within those boundaries will not need water before it pops up again. If new flowers grow after the irrigation system has activated, they will not be watered until it appears again, but they won't die before the irrigation system starts again.

Sometimes one fertilizer will revive a flower, but not another?

Each fertilizer type will work on a certain tier of a flower and the tiers below it. There’s an excellent explanation of this and how it works on our forum here.

How do I plant flowers?

See the “Trees, plants or seeds you want to grow in your town” paragraph in the Using Items subsection of the “How do I carry, use, and store items?” article here.

How can I breed or grow uncommon/rare flowers?

There’s a fantastic thread on our forums where many of our players have shared the results of their experiments on growing flowers. You can read that here.

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