Town Beauty, Population, and Upgrades

Helpful Tips about Town Beauty

Having a balanced approach to doing the things listed in the Town Beauty information page (visible by tapping one of the suns on either end of the Town Beauty meter) is the best way to make sure the town’s beauty level continues to increase. You can tap the game’s Beauty Meter to see the recommendations for keeping the beauty level high and attracting more townsfolk.  When you reach each level of Town Beauty, you'll attract another resident to move into the town.  

Increasing town beauty requires a combination of factors that include the number of flowers growing in the town, the number of town upgrades installed, how many plant breeds you have discovered, how complete the museum collections are, and how many of the rebuilding projects have been completed. You should start seeing your town's beauty level rise when you focus on all of those areas, including cleaning up the town (trash, weeds, rocks, etc.)

What are Town Upgrades and how can I move them? 

Town Upgrades (fountains, benches, statues, etc) will appear as miniature versions of themselves in your inventory after you purchase them in the Town Hall. Tap the upgrade in your Tool Tray or Inventory to enter placement mode. Your decoration will appear in the town, along with Confirm and Cancel buttons. Drag the item to where you’d like to place it. When it’s in just the right spot, tap Confirm to permanently place it. There are some places in town that you can’t place town upgrades. If the upgrade appears red and you don’t have the Confirm button, you will need to move it to a valid location to place it. If you decide to move a town upgrade later, hold  your finger on it for 3-5 seconds to enter placement mode, then move it to where you'd like it and confirm the new location.  You can purchase demolition orders in the store to remove any Town Upgrades that you no longer wish to have, but you'll need one order per Town Upgrade you want to remove.

I've cleaned up my town and my Town Beauty won't rise! I'm stuck!

You'll need to do all of the items listed in the tips above (not just one or two) to have the Beauty Level continue to rise.

I've reached more % of Town Beauty, and it says I need less % for another resident to move in! Nobody has moved in. Why not?

The population of the town can only increase (or decrease) by 1 per day. If a new townsperson has moved in, or moved out, on a single day and the requirements are met for a new townsperson to move in, the new townsperson will move in the following day.  There are also food requirements that must be met before anyone moves in.

What's the max population? Can other townsfolk move in after I've reached 100% and gotten 10 townsfolk?

Once you hit 100% Town Beauty, your last townsfolk to move in will be your 10th townsfolk, which will be max population. When you zoom out, you'll count 11 houses, one of which is your mayor's house.

My town got messy and someone moved out! Can I get them back?

Of course!  Simply follow the tips above to make your Town Beauty rise again (just like you did before) and your townsfolk will start to move in the next day.

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