Building, Expanding, and Decorating the Mayor's House

Building Your Mayor's House

There are two types of houses in Virtual Town. The first one is the mayor's house, which you can build at the start of the game. The others are the houses that the townsfolk live in, and those homes are automatically built as your town grows.

The steps to build the mayor's house were given by Mrs. Mottershead, the mayor's secretary, at the beginning of the game. If you missed those, you can build your mayor's home by fellowing these steps:

  1. Find the tools that Mrs. Mottershead told you about. They are scattered in various places around the town. You need to find the axe to proceed to step 2.
  2. Once you have the axe, you will need to make sure that you have room in your Inventory for 4 piles of wood (requiring 4 empty slots), then cut down 4 trees to get the wood. Your brass axe will break after the third tree, so you will need to purchase another one from the General Store. That's part of the tutorial, and it's normal for brass tools to break after using them for a short while. If you need help with using the axe, see the article about using tools.
  3. After you have chopped down 4 trees, and the wood is in your Inventory, Mrs. Mottershead will ask you to come to Town Hall to get the deed. Go there and she will give it to you.
  4. When you have the deed, leave Town Hall, open your inventory, and tap the deed. That will place your house on the ground so that you can move it to the empty lot that you want to put your house on. The house can be put on any empty lot, and it will be green when it's in a valid location. If the house appears red, you can't place it in that location.
  5. Once your house is located where you want your mayor to live, tap the green Confirm button and construction of your mayor's house will begin. It has a blue covering over it while it's being built, and construction will be finished in about 10 minutes. 
  6. When your house is finished, enter it by tapping on the door, and Mrs. Mottershead will give you some tips about furnishing it.

Expanding Your Mayor's House

The mayor's house can be made larger by expanding the size of the rooms, as well as by adding rooms to the house. You can also change the exterior appearance of the house by upgrading the walls, roof, windows, and other features. Each house upgrade project takes one day to complete, and you won't be able to select another upgrade until construction is complete.

The main room needs to expanded first, and it must be fully expanded before you can add new rooms. The other rooms will become available once the main room is complete. The rooms can then be added one at a time, and each room must be fully expanded before you can purchase another room. Until you have fully expanded a room's size, it will be the only room shown in the House Upgrades window. 

A typical upgrade strategy for the size of the mayor's home would look something like this:

  • Expanding the main room to its full size
  • Adding the left room and fully expanding it
  • Adding the right room and fully expanding it
  • Adding the back room and fully expanding it

You can choose the rooms and exterior upgrades in any order you wish, after completely finishing the previous room's expansion or completing construction on an exterior feature. 

Decorating Your Mayor's House

Buy the item from the general store and go to your mayor's house. Drag the furniture out of your Tool Tray or Inventory and drop it into the room. It will usually not be placed exactly as you want it, so to move it, just hold your finger on it for a couple of seconds until it turns green, then move it to where you'd like it. Many items can be rotated, too! Just tap on it while it's still green to rotate it. Keep tapping on it until it is positioned just the way you want!  If you want to remove the item, just hold your finger on it for a couple of seconds until it turns green, then move it toward your inventory (be sure you have room!).  It will move into your inventory. At that point you can sell the item or move it to another area of the house, as you prefer.

How do I change wallpaper and flooring?

 - Tap the item in your Tool Tray or Inventory and it will be installed in your house. Your old wallpaper or flooring item will be place in your Tool Tray or Inventory and can either be put in Storage or sold.  If you're not certain what Storage is, please see the article: How do I carry, use, and store items?

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