The Lottery

The Virtual Town lottery is held in the Town Square 4 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday) at 7 pm. You can purchase a lottery ticket in the Tools category of the General Store. If you purchase a lottery ticket on a day when the lottery is not being held, your ticket will be kept in your mayor's task list until the next lottery day, and there will be no lottery ticket for sale in the General Store until after the next scheduled lottery drawing is held.

Common questions about the lottery

How do I know if I already have purchased a lottery ticket?

There are two ways to tell if you have purchased a lottery ticket. The easiest way to see if you have purchased a lottery ticket is to check the mayor's task list on the left side of the game screen (the yellow exclamation point icon). If a lottery ticket. is displayed there, you have already purchased a lottery ticket for the next lottery drawing. If you don't see the mayor's task list icon, it means that you don't have any active tasks, and the icon is hidden. In that case, you can check the Tools section of the General Store to see if the lottery ticket is for sale there. If not, you have already purchased a lottery ticket and won't be able to purchase another one until after the next lottery drawing is held. 

Do I have to be playing the game when the lottery is held in order to win?

No, you don't have to be present at the lottery drawing in order to win. After the lottery is held, you will be notified who won the next time you open the game. 

I've never won the lottery in Virtual Town. Why not?

Just like in real life, the odds of winning the lottery are not all that great, but you do have a higher chance of winning in Virtual Town than in real life.

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