Town Ordinances

The town ordinances are laws or rulings that provide game play advantages that range from discounts to extending the store hours. To enact your preferred town ordinances, go to the Town Hall, sit at the mayor's desk, and tap the Ordinance section.

Read on to see what each ordinance does:

Beautiful Town

The townsfolk will help keep your town more beautiful by getting rid of weeds and helping with gardening. They will not do all of the work, but only some.

Home Improvement

By enacting this ordinance you will get discounts on the various items in the General Store, as well as home upgrades at the Bank.

Shoppers Ordinance

When you enact this ordinance, the store will carry a larger inventory of items for you to select from. The larger inventory will arrive at the store beginning the next day.

Town Development

This ordinance gives you a discount on the town features that you can purchase from your desk in Town Hall.

Early Bird and Night Owl

These ordinances extend the hours of the General Store, Bank, and the Clothing Boutique (once it's unlocked). The Early Bird ordinance changes the opening time of the stores to 5 AM, while the Night Owl ordinance causes the stores to stay open until 1 AM. NOTE: These ordinances can't both be active at the same time, so choose carefully.

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