How do the repair projects work in Virtual Town?

The various repair/restoration projects all work basically the same way, but they each have different population requirements, daily costs, and number of days to complete.

When you tap on one of the "Beware" signs in the game, you will see information about that project:

  • A description of the project, if your town has the required number of residents to begin work, or a notice that the population is too low with information about how many additional residents you'll need to begin work on it
  • The number of days the project will take to complete
  • The daily cost of the project
  • Buttons to confirm or cancel working on the project for that day

Each project requires 4 or 5 days to complete, depending upon the project, and the daily costs range from 400 coins per day to 1000 coins per day. You will need to tap the "Beware" sign and confirm that you want to pay your townsfolk each day that you want them to work on the project. They won't start work automatically on their own and must be paid for each day's work on the project.  It's important to note that not all of the townsfolk will work on a project.

There are two different messages to keep you informed about the restoration process. If the townsfolk are already working on the project when you tap on the sign, the message you see will tell you what percentage of today's work is complete: "The townsfolk have so far completed nn% of today's work on the lake repair. Work will continue for the rest of today." That percentage will change throughout the day, and the townsfolk with be finished with that day's work at 5 AM.

If you want to see the overall completion percentage for the project, you need to tap on the "Beware" sign before you start a new day's work on the project, when you will see this message: "The townsfolk have completed nn% of this project."

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