Do I have to connect my game to Facebook?

No, you don't have to connect your game to Facebook to play Virtual Town, although there are several advantages to connecting your game to Facebook:

  • Connecting your game to Facebook allows you to play the same town on multiple devices, such as a phone and a tablet, so that you can check what's happening in your town wherever you are.
  • Connecting your game to Facebook enables our server backup and restore. Connecting your game to Facebook before anything bad happens is the only way to make sure that you will be able to restore your game data to your mobile device later on, if you ever need to do that. Games that haven't been connected to Facebook can't be recovered or restored if something goes wrong.
  • Connecting your game to Facebook allows you to post photos from your town and share those fun moments with your friends.

Virtual Town does not use your Facebook account information for any purpose other than to locate your game data on our server, should it need to be restored. The game will not post anything to your Facebook timeline or otherwise interact with Facebook, unless you initiate that action yourself from within the game, such as by using the camera icon to post a picture from your game to Facebook. 

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