How do I back up and restore my Virtual Town game?

Your game is automatically saved frequently on your device, so that whenever you quit playing Virtual Town and later start playing it again, your game always starts up right where you left off. However, sometimes things go wrong on mobile devices, or you may get a new device and want to restore your Virtual Town game. In order to restore your Virtual Town game, either to the same device or a new one, you must connect the game to Facebook, so that the game knows which of the many game files on our server belongs to you and can restore it to your mobile device.

NOTE: If you play Virtual Town when your device is not connected to the Internet, the game will not be saved to our server until you once again have an Internet connection. The will cause the server version of your game data to be older than the data on your device. If you do a restore of your game in that situation, you will lose the progress you've made while you were playing offline.

Common questions about backing up and restoring

Do I have to connect my game to Facebook in order to back up and restore my game?

Yes, you must connect your game to Facebook in order to allow your game data to be located on our server.

How do I know if my game is connected to Facebook?

 To see if your game is connected to Facebook, tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the game screen, then tap Support in the game's Menu window. If you see the message, "Logged Into Facebook" your game is connected to Facebook. If you see the blue button "Log in with Facebook" your game is not connected, and you will need to tap the button and complete the connection process to enable the Facebook features in your game.

How do I restore my game?

If you have lost the game data on your device (the game started over), and your lost game had already been connected to Facebook, you can restore your game by following these steps:

  • Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the game screen
  • Tap the Support icon
  • Tap the blue Log in with Facebook button 
  • Enter your Facebook login information

After you have done that, you should see a message shortly afterward that tells you that your game is being restored, the restore will automatically take place, and your game will re-load. After the game loads again, you should see your previous game in the state when it was last saved on our server. 

How do I restore my game data to another device?

To restore your game data to a new or additional device, install Virtual Town on the new device and follow the steps above to connect it to Facebook. Once connected, your data will be located on the server and be loaded onto the new device.

Can I play the same game on more than one device?

Yes, as long as the devices downloaded the game from the same app store, and you play on only one device at a time.

Can I restore my game from my iOS device to my Android device, or vice versa?

The game data for iOS, Android, and Amazon devices is stored on separate servers, and data from a game being played on one type of device (e.g. iOS) cannot be restored to a different type of device (e.g. Kindle Fire), since each device can connect only with its own server. 

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