What is the Low Demand Mode in settings?

Low Demand Mode is an optimized mode that Virtual Town can use to make the game run more smoothly and reliably on devices that may not be able to run the game well. It was added to the game in version 0.5.1 and later. It is designed primarily for devices with low-end specs or older devices that otherwise would not be able to run the game.

This mode is automatically set on devices with limited hardware capability, and the option to set Low Demand Mode will not appear in Settings. For all other devices, activating the Low Demand Mode setting will enable the optimized mode and improve performance of the game when it doesn't run well in normal mode.

Common Questions about Low Demand Mode

What is the difference between the normal mode for Virtual Town and Low Demand Mode?

In Low Demand Mode, there have been minor adjustments to the game's graphics, and only the essential sound effects are used, such as tool sounds, picking up trash and weeds, etc. These adjustments are what enabled us to make the game run better on a wide variety of mobile devices.

How do I know if Low Demand Mode is active in my game?

To determine if your game is running in Low Demand Mode, follow these steps:

  • Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Tap Settings
  • Look at the bottom of the Settings screen, below the volume sliders, and see if Low Demand Mode is listed.
    • If there is no setting for Low Demand Mode, that mode has been automatically enabled for your your game.
    • If there is a Low Demand Mode setting listed, that mode is on if you see the orange indicator next to it.

How to I enable Low Demand Mode?

Low Demand Mode will be automatically enabled on devices that meet certain hardware specification criteria. After performing the steps above to see if the optional setting for Low Demand Mode is available on your device, you may enable it yourself by tapping on the black circle next to "Low Demand Mode" and confirming that you want your game to re-load.

How to I disable Low Demand Mode?

Low Demand Mode cannot be disabled on devices that meet the hardware specification criteria for automatic activation. If you have enabled Low Demand Mode using the procedures above, you may disable it by returning to Settings and tapping on the orange circle next to "Low Demand Mode" and confirming that you want your game to re-load.


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