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You grow food in Virtual Town so that the townsfolk will have enough to eat. There are two basic types of food in the game, veggies and fruit, and there are 3 kinds of each type. The veggies are tomatoes, carrots, and potatoes; the fruit varieties are apple, orange, and pear. You can plant any combination of food in your town that you like, as long as you have enough to feed your townsfolk. You can check on your food supply at any time by tapping on the cornucopia on the left side of the game screen. To see more on how food works in Virtual Town, see the descriptions of all food-related aspects of the game below the commonly asked questions about food.

Common Questions about Food

How do I grow food?

To grow food, you need to purchase either veggie seeds or fruit trees from the General Store and plant them by digging a hole with your shovel and tapping the seed packet or fruit tree in your Tool Tray or Inventory while standing next to the hole. If you need help with tools, see the article How do I use the tools and what do the levels mean?

Do I need to harvest the food?

You don't need to harvest the food in order to feed your townsfolk, although you may harvest it and give everyone some food every day. It's more work for your mayor, but it can be satisfying to deliver food to them personally.

Why is some of my food disappearing?

When you have harvestable food in your town, the townsfolk will grab a snack when they are hungry. They might pick up a piece of fruit from the ground or pick a mature veggie to satisfy their hunger. This keeps them fed without you having to pick food and give it to each person in your town every day. 

What happens if I harvest the food and sell it?

When you sell food to the General Store, the townsfolk can go there to obtain their food. However, the food that you harvest and sell will still be available to your townsfolk only on the day you sell it. The next day, when the store proprietors get new stock, the food will no longer be available. You need to make sure that there is always an adequate food supply available, regardless of whether you sell it to the store each day or leave it growing in your town.

What if I don't have enough food?

If you don't have enough food to feed the townsfolk every day, they will begin to starve. If they are without food for too long, they may die, so it's important to make sure that you have enough food available in your town to feed the townsfolk.

How the various food aspects work in Virtual Town

The Cornucopia:

This is your main source of information about the food supply in your game. If you don't have enough food for your town, you'll know at a glance, since you will see a red exclamation point on the cornucopia. When you tap on the cornucopia, the Food Status  display will open that shows you how many of each type of food are growing in your town, and how many of them are harvestable, along with how many you currently need to feed your townsfolk. Harvestable food is the only food available for the townsfolk to eat, regardless of how many you have planted.

Sources of food:

When the game tells you how many sources of food you need, it is referring to "pieces" of food, such as a carrot or an apple. Veggies will produce one source of food per plant, while trees will produce 3 sources at once every few days. If the game says you need, for example, 7 sources of food, you could plant 7 carrot seeds and have the required food sources when they are harvestable 90 minutes later. Fruit trees won't produce food for several days after you plant them, so they are not a quick source of food.


You can buy veggies seeds from the General Store. Veggies are fast-growing and can be planted anywhere in your town. They thrive in any kind of soil and don't need watering. You can leave them in the ground for the townsfolk to eat when they are hungry, or you can harvest them, either to give them to the townsfolk yourself or to sell them to the store.

Fruit trees:

Fruit trees take several days to produce fruit, since they have to mature, produce flowers, and produce ripe fruit.  Unlike veggies, fruit trees keep running through their cycle, making it a far better long-term investment. The fruit is not harvestable until it falls to the ground. If you want to rely on fruit trees as your only source of food, you will need to plant a few trees each day for several days in order to make sure that fruit ripens and falls every day, as fruit left on the ground will disappear at the start of the new day.



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