How do I see my mayor's name, age, and details?

You can see your mayor's name and age by opening your Inventory. Tap the little up arrow to the right of the Tool Tray to reveal a full-length portrait with your mayor's name and age underneath it. If you want to see your mayor's complete details, tap on your mayor's name, and the Mayor Detail screen will open. 

The Mayor Detail screen shows the following details about your mayor:

Name - the candidate's current name. You can change it, if you like, by tapping on the name and typing a new one.

Age and gender - how old they are and whether they are male or female.

Speed - how fast they are as they walk and run around the town. The longer the bar, the faster they move around the town.

Charm - how well they get along with other people. The longer the bar, the more charm they have.

Luck - the area of game play that your mayor has the most luck in.

Likes - things that your mayor likes.

Dislikes - things that your mayor dislikes.

Phobias - things that your mayor is afraid of.

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