Collectibles: Children are picking up the collectibles and taking them to the hut, but no new ones are showing on my Collections screen.

There are 12 different collectibles of each type (Turtle Shells, Coral, Tablet Pieces, and Feathers). Each collectible item will appear on the Collections screen the first time one of the children collects that particular object.

Whenever children pick up a duplicate collectible (one that has already been put into the collection), it provides tech points for the scientists and doesn't appear on the collections screen. If you leave the child selected (with the white ellipse around his feet) and watch the message at the bottom of the game screen, you will see if the item that's being picked up is a new one or one for the scientists (a duplicate). Note that there will be no duplicates of Tablet Pieces. One you have each tablet piece on your collections screen, it will stop appearing in the game.

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