Babies: I can't get my female villagers to produce children

I can't get my female villagers to produce children.

Villagers usually won't produce children if there is not enough food or housing. Your population is limited to 10 villagers until the first new hut is completed, 17 villagers for the second hut, and 35 villagers for the third hut. Each level of Construction Technology enables you to build an additional hut.

If there is adequate housing, she may just require persistence in order to produce babies. Try introducing her to a different male or set her preferred skill to breeding (if she has some experience) and let her choose her own mate. Females younger than 18 cannot mate. Also, in Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers, the villagers will not embrace other villagers on their own unless you have set Parenting as the preferred skill for at least one villager. If you choose Parenting as the preferred skill for a male, he will seek out all eligible females; similarly a female will seek any eligible male. Leaving Parenting unchecked for all villagers will require you to manage breeding yourself. This new feature allows you a greater degree of control over the "genetic makeup" and growth of your tribe.

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