Where's my activation code?

We updated all of our games in 2014 to fully support the newer Windows versions and PC technologies. At that time, we discontinued the use of activation codes with our Windows games, and we now provide a full version when you purchase any of our games. No activation code is required.

To obtain the full version of the game, you should download the game from the link in the purchase confirmation email that you received at the time of purchase (see the comment below if the link doesn't work). For most of our games, the download will be a setup file, and you can double-click that file to begin the install process. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation. Some of our games include developer extras, and the download will be a compressed folder (ZIP file) that contains the game's setup file along with the developer extras (Example:  In Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life's folder, you'll find the Official Game Guide, wallpapers, and MP3 music). 

If the download link you received has expired or no longer works, or if you need to download the game again, please see this entry in our Knowledge Base.

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