Pausing the Game, Selling Fish & the Findex

Is there a pause button? Can you change the speed of the game?

Thanks to a recent update, it is now possible to pause the game!  Simply open the game, tap the gear next to the supplies button, and tap "Pause".  To get your game going again, just hit the same button!

It is not currently possible to change the speed of the game in any way.  However, this is planned for the future, so don't give up!

How many species of fish are there?

Over 400 and counting! Check with your Findex to see more information on your fish! 

How do I check the Findex?

Tap the "Species" button in the lower left corner of any tank screen.  There is a wealth of information on this screen, so tap each button to see what it does.  If you have a fish selected when you tap the "Species" button, the first button will tell you about that fish specifically (parents/grandparents, type of fish, rarity & more).  The second button is the "Findex" and tells you what fish you have found.  The last button gives you hints on the Magic Fish.  These Magic Fish each have a special power that help the other fish in your tanks.

How do you sell fish?

Any adult fish placed into the sale tank (far right tank with the "$" on it) will be sold once you tap the Sell Fish button.  Babies (fry) can live in the tank without being sold.  Once you tap on the Sell Fish button, you'll be taken to the Fish Store.  You can see a list of the fish that are being sold at the bottom of the screen.  That list can be scrolled through to find a specific fish.  Sick fish, or fish with low health can make it much harder to sell the fish.

Can you change the price of your fish in the sale tank?

You can change the price of any type of fish at any given time.  You cannot price individual fish, only the type of fish as a group. Tap the fish whose price you'd like to change. Then tap the species button. To adjust the price of your selected fish, simply tap the - or + icons on either side of the default price in the middle of the screen.  All of that type of fish will be sold at that price unless you change it. Be careful though!  If your fish is too high in price, it won't get sold!

Will there be challenges or rewards in the game?

This might be coming in the future!  Keep your fingers crossed!


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