Research & Upgrades


All of the research upgrades are invisible, meaning you won't see anything physical in the tanks that show that it has been purchased.  Instead, your fish will be better equipped to survive in the tanks in various ways, depending on which specific type of research was purchased.  For the best results, including the rarest fish thriving in your tank, you should eventually purchase every level of each research.

What does environmental research do?

Researching fish environment allows rarer fish to survive and thrive in your tanks.  

What does food research do?

Better types of food will help ward off disease and your fish will have to be fed less often, making them healthier.

What does advertising research do?

Advertising helps bring more customers into your store, resulting in more sales.


Every upgrade that you can purchase (not counting decorations, which are different) will help make caring for your tanks easier and make your fish happier.

How do tank upgrades work?

Upgrading your tanks filtering and air system help to sustain rarer breeds by cleansing water and reducing negative health effects.

How does the auto-feeder work?

The auto-feeder helps to reduce starvation by feeding your fish on a schedule.  

How does the seahorse work?

Once a long held mystical secret from the land of Isola, we have discovered the golden seahorse's fantastic power in Fish Tycoon 2. Owning the seahorse increases the likelihood of a customer purchasing a fish.  The seahorse does not take up tank space.

How does the cleaning snail work?

Cleaning snail keep the tanks clean and once purchased, it comes fully installed (it will appear in every tank).  The snail does not take up tank space.







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