Babies, Breeding, Death & Tank Space

How can you get a fish pregnant?

Tap and hold on the fish you want to get pregnant.  Drag that fish into the small breeding tank visible in the lower right corner.  Tap and hold onto another fish that you'd like to breed with the first fish.  Drag that fish into the same tank, and a small timer will appear.  At the end of that time, the second fish will pop back into the main tank, and your pregnant fish will still be in the breeding tank.  Tap and hold the pregnant fish to drag it back into the main tank again.

What's the best way to tell if a fish is pregnant?

There is a ? button next to the Supplies button in the lower left corner of the screen that can be toggled to show the status of all the fish.  Fish that are sick or pregnant will have the relevant word appear just above them as they swim around.  If nothing happens when this button is tapped, then none of the fish are pregnant or sick!

How long does it take for a fish to give birth?

Pregnancy for the fish takes 30 real time minutes, unless you use "InstaBirth" to finish the pregnancy instantly.  This formula will affect all pregnant fish in the tank.

Is it possible to predict what fish will be born from a pregnant fish?

Yes! Just like in the first Fish Tycoon, you will be able to predict the fish you get from the breeding pair, unless there's a mutation effect in play.

How long does it take for purchased store eggs to hatch?

Each type of store purchased eggs take different amounts of time to hatch.  Common eggs take 5 seconds, Uncommon eggs take 5 minutes, and Rare eggs take 30 minutes to hatch.  The formula "InstaHatch" will hatch all eggs that are in that tank, instantly.

How long does it take for a baby fish (also called fry) to become an adult?

When the fry hatch from their eggs, they will slowly age to become adults.  Until they are adults, you will not know what type of fish it is, and the top line of their information box will be ??????.  It takes roughly a single real time hour for the fish to reach 6 years of age, so to become an adult (20 years old), it would take almost 3 and a half real time hours from the time they hatch.  The formula "InstaGrow" will age all fry in that tank to be adults, instantly.

How many fish can be in a single tank at one time?

21 fish can be in a single tank at a time.  Keep in mind that all fish, including babies, take up the same amount of tank space, so make sure you have enough space for babies when your fish is pregnant.  Any babies that don't have enough space in the tank will disappear.

My fish died! What happened?  Do dead fish take up space in your tank?

Many factors can cause a fish to lose health, including the environment, over or under-feeding and whether they're common or rare breeds, for example.

Tap on the skeleton of a dead fish, then tap on the “Autopsy” button to see a report of how they died, along with the best course of action to prevent it from happening again in the future.  You also have the option to revive them by spending gems or watching video ads, or you can delete them altogether.  They do take up space in your tank, so you shouldn't leave them in there.

We recommend that you focus on breeding and selling more common breeds in the beginning, so you can afford to upgrade your aquarium's environment to sustain the rarer breeds.



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