Medication & Treatments

What are the clouds of color in the tank?

Purple and/or green clouds are indications that your fish are sick with ick and/or fungus.  

How do treatments (fungal & ick) work?

Treatments for fungus and ick are dropped into the tank. Since each dose is a random amount of treatment, you may have to use multiple doses to cure all of your fish of sickness.

What if my treatments don't work?

It can sometimes take more than one dose of treatment to cure an illness. You might need to purchase multiple bottles of the specific treatment needed to cure your fish.

How does the health booster work?

The Health Booster is used to treat fish with low health. Using this provides an instant boost of health.  You might need to use multiple doses to get your fish to full health.  Check their health by tapping the fish and checking in the information box.


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